Evolution Bar - Raw, Vegan, Protein,Gluten-free Healthy Snack


Listen to your body. Change the way you snack.

Raw Evolution Bars are super nutritious, organic, raw... and delicious!

Did you know that one bar gives you over 75% of your daily selenium requirements, 12% of iron, 18% of magnesium, 16% of protein and 63% of your vitamin C requirements? This information was collected from NutritionData.com

Magnesium and selenium are very low in most New Zealand diets so evolution bars are a delicious way to increase these nutrients and boost your health and energy.

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Why Raw?

When you cook food, you lose at least 30% of the nutrients and 100% of the enzymes that aid digestion and other bodily functions. Raw foods help your body reach an alkalised state—where healing, weight loss, and detoxification can occur.